Yosemite Backpacking

The 2018 Backpacking is now closed.


This exciting and rewarding ~37 mile week of back country fun in this world fabulous park is for our older students. It combines nurturing opportunities for developing self-confidence and nature awareness with learning-by-discovery.

This rare program is one of our most exciting events, and the wonderful benefits are especially rewarding. Healthy exercise and learning with discovery challenge us in wonderful locations. A healthy break from technology provides time and space to think.

Tuition includes

  • packing & trip preparation
  • entrance fees
  • trail reservation fees
  • bear resistant food container fees
  • personal & group instruction
  • planning meetings

This exciting event for 9 exemplary older students will again take place in summer 2018.  It features self-confidence building, a break from technology, challenging exercise and learning-by-discovery. Participants carpool and provide food & gear. Age ranges from 10-12 up to 17.

Students carpool with parents, provide their own meals and gear, and attend 2 informational meetings.  We meet in Tuolumne Meadows Saturday 7/21 at 2 pm and will start hiking the next morning.  Students should also bring food for Saturday 7/21 dinner in the Tuolumne Meadows backpacker's campground.  They will also bring 5 backpacking dinners and 6 breakfasts and lunches plus snacks, starting with 7/22 Sunday breakfast and ending with 7/27 Friday lunch.   

Required Meetings will be arranged before the trip. The location will be emailed to participants.

The Essay is part of the possible refund.  Before the 2nd meeting students email describing why they want to go, what they hope to learn & their carefully researched personal definitions of good character, intelligence, honor, integrity and altruism.  Online and family help are recommended.

Tuition paid by credit card is $789, or $769 when paid by a check or transfer.  Up to $200 can be returned for doing well.  Tuition includes park entrance fee waiver, bear can rental, trail fees, reservations and both informational meetings where we discuss packing lessons and trip preparation.