About OSE

Outdoor Science Exploration and Classroom Science Fun provides the highest quality science teaching. OSE/CSF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that focuses on science education. Our highest goal is to teach science fundamentals and increase public awareness, interest and understanding of science.

This award winning nonprofit offers 3 science programs for grades 2-11. These include

  • school series of classes during the day and afterschool
  • 4 weeks of summer field trips, and
  • a week of backpacking in Yosemite.

The active learning curriculum is student-centered with activities based on fun hands-on learning activities and experiments that encourage and nurture science literacy. We realize the immense importance of effective science education for advanced school choices, job opportunities, lifetime earnings and for contributing to our future's scientific capital.

IRVIN LINDSEY is a gifted Master Teacher with credentials, degrees and special training on multisensory skills and how fun helps learning. He has worked with elementary to college students, at public & private schools, and in the classroom & outdoors. He enjoys a special talent for connecting with students of many ages. He particularly enjoys traveling, swimming and backpacking. As a past United Way Community Hero he is also a Hands-on Award Winner of San Jose’s Resource Area for Teachers.

Phone: (831) 419-2147      Email: info@osefun.com