Summer Day Adventure Trips

Have FUN learning PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY with a Master Science Teacher at parks and beaches!

Our Adventure Trips are from 10 AM - 4 PM during the summer, with your choice of weeks, days or all 5 weeks.

These terrific confidence building, active learning field trips are for ages 7-14. Students can complete hands-on experiments from our advanced academic programs, explore nature, and enjoy games in a variety of selected outdoor environments in Santa Cruz County.

Kids are smarter outdoors. In recent research science scores went up 27% when taught outside. Science with "green exercise" and a break from technology can improve memory, creativity, focus and eyesight. And it can relieve stress, build social skills, and is a lot more fun.


  • a day pack for your child to carry with lunch+drink+optional snack
  • sunscreen
  • perhaps a light change of clothes and a small towel
  • sandals and a medium size towel might be useful, too

Have the right clothing for the weather:

  • hat
  • jacket
  • UV sun glasses
  • rain protection if appropriate

Choose WEEKS PREPAID - 1st week $199 -- Additional weeks $219 -- 5 weeks $1099 -- Drop in/not prepaid week is $219

Choose DAYS $49 prepaid - when we have payment ahead at least 2 days -- $59 Drop in

Register Online or Download the 2017 Summer Registration Form.